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34 Reviews, in average 5 Stars

Lucas H. wrote on 03-27-2018

I highly recommend Howard and The Blum Team.

I have already worked with Howard and all I can say is that he is really an amazing agent who works professionally at all times. His knowledge on Real Estate is definitely commendable. I highly recommend Howard and The Blum Team.

rubyb3825 wrote on 02-23-2018

He is very honest in our transactions.

Howard is a really good and professional Realtor. If you are considering buying or selling property, he can definitely help. He is very honest in our transactions and exhibits knowledge on different aspects of the realty business.

Daniel F. wrote on 12-18-2017

The team they have is very knowledgeable

The team they have is very knowledgeable and seasoned professionals. If you are looking for reliable realtors, this is the team you can put your trust on. I am giving this service five out of five stars because I have no negative experience about them.

Emilia Bergman wrote on 03-31-2017

He was very helpful and knowledgeable.

He was very helpful and knowledgeable. He crafted automatic searches to send me listings and answered all of my questions. I would recommend Howard Blum to anyone seeking to purchase or sell a home.

Luke H. wrote on 02-08-2017

I will definitely use his services.

I had listed my home with Howard because after meeting him I found him to be not only personable but very knowledgeable about the area and the market. Although I did not sell my house at the time (a sudden change in our circumstance) I will definitely use his services when we are ready to sell and purchase our new home.

Cyril P. wrote on 02-01-2017

I fully intend to use the services of Mr. Blum.

Although my search for a new home has been delayed for a short period of time, I fully intend to use the services of Mr. Blum and The Blum Team when my time comes to buy. Upon initiating discussions with Howard, it became very clear that he knows the in's and out's of the real estate purchase process. Not only am I planning on using his services, I encourage you to do the same!

Allen W wrote on 01-30-2017

Were given the royal treatment

We tried looking for homes in San Diego and La Jolla, then drove up to Carlsbad. Fortunately, we met Howard Blum and were given the royal treatment. Howard took the time to get to know us and what was on our Wish List. Howard and his team made sure we were informed about golf, neighborhoods, shopping, entertainment, and transportation options. We decided to move to Florida because of family proximity, but were very appreciative of Howard's expertise in the Carlsbad area.

Kiera H wrote on 01-24-2017

Five stars on everything.

My husband and I have used Howard Blum to buy and sell 2 homes and I must say that our financial portfolio has benefited greatly from it. We are currently in the process of selling a rental property through him (he represented us for the purchase as well) and he has given me fantastic input about market timing and what to do to get the house ready to sell. He has our best interest in mind and doesn't just take a listing if it isn't right for the seller -- I have called him a couple of times in the past couple of years asking if it was a good time to sell and he's said, "If you can, it might be better to wait." Thank goodness we listened, because the micro-market in our corner of North County just took off and we are poised to make a great deal more on this investment than if we had sold even a year ago. If I had to note what we have valued most in working with Howard, it would be his market knowledge and negotiation skills. Five stars on everything.

anthonyg6177 wrote on 01-17-2017

Howard is definitely my go-to guy!

Howard is a stand out - and after my share of real estate deals, he is now the only realtor I will use. He walked me through every step of the process of listing and selling my home. He was informative, knowledgeable, friendly and most of all -- effective! He helped me determine the best listing price to maximize my gain while also ensuring my home sold quickly -- which it did! He streamlined all the processing of paperwork involved, very patiently and clearly answered all my questions. He was always reachable, returned all my calls and always had a positive attitude. Plus, he helped me beautifully during the negotiation phase -- definitely something I'm not too skilled at. So having him on my side was a god send. As I say, I won't ever go to any one else. Howard is definitely my go-to guy!

Shari P. wrote on 01-08-2017

Thanks Howard!

Howard recently represented me on the sale of a home. He and his team were extremely efficient at getting the listing up quick and they were showing the house to potential buyers immediately. Although it sold very fast, I can't imagine having gone through the sell with anyone else. Because he understands the process & contracts so well and is a master negotiator in that everyone came out happy, the entire process was a breeze. It is obvious when you are working with him that he loves what he does and I can't wait to use him on the purchase of my next home very soon. I would highly recommend him to anyone in search of an agent that does not hesitate to put in the hours and get the job done. Thanks Howard!

Roberta J. wrote on 01-02-2017

I knew exactly who I would be working with.

I have been Howard's personal trainer for years, and as such was privy to the amount of work Howard puts into his work (you cant take business calls during a training session Howard!).... So when it came time to contact a Realtor I knew exactly who I would be working with. Howard and the rest of The Blum Team made the transaction as comfortable as possible and appeased all of my concerns prompt and knowledgeable answers to my questions. Howard will be my Realtor as long as I live in San Diego!

randyg131 wrote on 12-19-2016

I know who to call

With the help of Howard, I purchased my home for under market value. This was not a short sale, Howard just used his experience and convinced the sellers the sale was in their best interest -- as leaving the house on the market and vacant would cost them more in upkeep over a few months then it would cost to accept our under-market offer. As I look to sell my home in the next few months, I know I have built at least 150k in equity since purchasing the home, thanks in part to Howard. I know who to call when I want to put my home on the market!

Dorothy D wrote on 12-12-2016

Howard has provided great guidance

Howard has provided great guidance in all four properties I have bought through him. His history in financial markets coupled with over a decade as a real estate agent really helped with the decision making process when choosing him initially. With Howard I felt comfortable that I was being given expert advice throughout every aspect of my transactions. He and his team were always available for me and made the experience as smooth as possible.

Carla E wrote on 12-07-2016

I would recommend him to anyone!

Howard helped us sell our home in Carlsbad, and then successfully placed us in our new dream home a few miles away. I am not sure if we would have been able to sell our home for the desired price had it not been for him. When issues came up, as they do in any real estate transaction, Howard and his team navigated it perfectly. All this, coupled with his knowledge of contracts really helped Howard and his team make this process much smoother than I anticipated. He has extensive knowledge of the area and got us into a neighborhood and home that we love. I would recommend him to anyone!

Janice C. wrote on 12-01-2016

Use his services

Over the years I have come to know Howard as a real estate expert who I turn to for advise on the real estate environment, possible investment opportunities and where prices are now and where they are headed. He has his finger on the pulse of the market and I would suggest anyone who is interested in buying or selling in North County, San Diego use his services.

Esther M. wrote on 11-21-2016

Howard Blum is the best person you can have as your agent

Howard Blum is the best person you can have as your agent. I was incredibly impressed with his personable skills and communication. He worked efficiently but always made me feel taken care of during the process. I don't think I could have done this without him! His expansive knowledge of the area is impressive and I learned a lot from him. Unfortunately, my job relocated me during the process but I would have definitely bought a house with Howard's guidance. Trust me when I say that having Howard as your agent is the best decision you can make.

Marisa B. wrote on 11-14-2016

Highly recommend you choose him for your agent!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Howard. He is efficient, responsive to my calls and requests and above all incredibly ETHICAL and honest. One thing that has impressed me the most is his amazing knowledge of pricing what you should pay and NOT pay for a property. He is a numbers man so his grasp of financing, interest rates, HOA dues, mortgages etc was a huge help to me. I felt very secure in my decision to purchase the property because of his knowledge and information he shared with me!! Highly recommend you choose him for your agent!!

tristanv30 wrote on 11-07-2016

I trust Howard to represent me in a professional and diligent manner

Howard is the only person I will consider as a Realtor when buying or selling property, whether it be my own home or investment properties. His experience and intimate knowledge of the San Diego real estate market as well as his dedication to serving his clients (my) best interest are reasons why I call Howard my Realtor. Honest to a fault even when it doesn't serve his personal interests, I trust Howard to represent me in a professional and diligent manner every time I work with him.

Brenna M. wrote on 11-02-2016

I would recommend him to all my friends and associates.

Howard Blum is very experienced and very easy to discuss things with. He is very knowledgable. I am always able to get in touch with him. I would recommend him to all my friends and associates. He was able to get us a really good deal on our house and helped us throughout the entire process.

James A. wrote on 10-24-2016

Howard and the Blum Team were very careful.

Howard and the Blum Team were very careful to keep within my budget constraints, and whenever I had a special request in terms of what I was looking for he was careful to make sure all the houses we looked at had what we needed. For example a fenced yard for my kids was very important to me, and Howard got me the beautiful home I always dreamed of WITH a fenced yard, under my budget! Thanks Howard!

Katherine M wrote on 10-12-2016

Cant thank him enough!

I have known Howard for years and just recently found myself in a situation where I was able to start my journey of investing in Real Estate. Howard was the first person I called and I am glad I did. Three investment condo's later and now I see that I made the right choice. Not only did Howard help me identify THREE investment properties, with his guidance we closed on EVERY ONE OF THEM! I am currently looking for a fourth investment property and Howard is already representing me in my new search. Cant thank him enough!

Ty K wrote on 10-07-2016

Handled every care and concern I had!

Howard was extremely personable and handled every care and concern I had! He was always thinking two steps ahead and made me feel very comfortable about the whole process of selling my old home and buying a new one! He fought for me every step of the way to make sure that I had the best opportunities and I cannot thank him enough! I would recommend Howard to anybody and I know without a doubt that you will not be disappointed!

R Burton wrote on 10-03-2016

Highly qualified and attentive agent

After spending years in the real estate business as an assistant, it became obvious to me that Howard Blum is a highly qualified and attentive agent, who focuses in on the needs and the details of his clients home purchases and sales.

M Feuer wrote on 09-26-2016

He was a pleasure to work with

Howard helped me find four investment properties in Carlsbad, Encinitas, and San Marcos. He found ideal properties that suited my investment needs, knew the areas thoroughly, steered me away from riskier areas, and had expertise in finding good opportunities in solid neighborhoods with good ROI. He was a pleasure to work with. His team made the transactions easy with thorough attention to detail.

Edward W. wrote on 09-19-2016

I highly recommend him.

Howard helped us sell our house and buy a new beautiful home and we closed both deals in less than 40 days, amazing! He is polite, punctual, responsive, a great negotiator, keeps his promises and overall master of real estate business. I highly recommend him.

James A. wrote on 09-09-2016

I fully endorse Howard!

I had never bought a property in California before and my agent, Howard, really helped me out to find the exact home that i was looking for, and I plan on living in this home for many years to come! It was a seamless transaction and I fully endorse Howard as my real estate agent for San Diego.

troyh198 wrote on 09-01-2016

Always been very helpful in every interaction with him

Howard has always been very helpful in every interaction with him....I haven't had the chance to use Howard for a purchase yet, but he would be a go-to for any real estate questions and his vast knowledge of the Carlsbad/Vista area!

Marge S wrote on 08-24-2016

Howard found a great opportunity for me

Howard and The Blum Team helped me find and buy 3 properties and the most amazing purchase was one we had to do the whole contract and escrow in 6 days…..and we got it closed in what must be a world record 5 days! Simply put, Howard found a great opportunity for me, and he had the knowledge and expertise to convince me to act on it while we could, and it turned out to be a fantastic purchase! I would recommend Howard and his Team to any and all.

Drennan E wrote on 08-16-2016

Looked out for my best interest

I contacted Howard a year ago in the hopes of finding an income generating, low maintenance condo that I would be able to manage on my own. After informing Howard of my financial limitations in terms of geographic location, price, and a host of other issues, Howard spent the next 2 months sending me every property within my parameters. It was with great disappointment that I had to make a work related move and could not manage a condominium in San Diego, but throughout the whole process Howard was professional, punctual, and looked out for my best interest, not just a quick commission check. I would highly recommend Howard to anyone.

Tom R. wrote on 08-09-2016

Howard is honest, direct and available

I last sold a home in Cardiff with Howard about 10 years ago, but whenever I have real estate questions or contract questions he is my go-to agent. Howard is honest, direct and available

jeraldc441 wrote on 07-28-2016

Professional and personal attention to your real estates needs

We would highly recommend Howard Blum and his associates for professional and personal attention to your real estates needs.

Kathy P wrote on 07-14-2016

Howard is an amazing and professional Agent.

Howard is an amazing and professional Agent. He is very knowledgeable in all areas of Real Estate and especially familiar in North County. I have known many people over the years that have worked with Howard, and though I haven't bought a property yet, I fully intend to use him when we are ready.

Linda J. wrote on 07-12-2016

Will use him again for any of my real estate needs.

Howard and I are neighbors. When it came time to sell my home I approached him and I am thankful that I did. Howard is extremely knowledgable and he and his team were always available at a moments notice. Will use him again for any of my real estate needs.

John A wrote on 07-11-2016

He's the guy!

Howard was quick to respond and easily worked around my inflexible schedule. He consistently followed up with the other agent and had a good pulse on the lender. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell in North County. He's the guy!


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